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What are Angel Numbers?

Yay for number synchronicities! Does it seem that everywhere you look you see number sequences?

1111, 777, 333

You check the time and your phone shows you 11:11. You pause a podcast you are listening to and it stops at 11 min 11 sec. You walk outside for some fresh air and see a licensed plate on a parked car that ends in 1111.

This can’t be a coincidence, right?

It's definitely not a coincidence. You are seeing these numbers for a reason. You are not crazy!


The Synchronicity of Numbers

Number synchronicities can pop up everywhere! It is up to you to begin to notice them and pay attention to them when they do show up.
In numerology, these number sequences/synchronicities are called angel numbers. Through angel numbers, angels are able to convey their messages by sending you repeating numbers (1111)  or sequential numbers (1234).

The principles of numerology state that each number holds a certain vibrational energy/frequency. Seeing angel numbers is an exciting thing. They are how our angels communicate with us. When you see an angel number, give yourself a pat on the back! You are on the right path! You are doing the work! You got this! Keep it up! It's our angels saying, “I see you!”
Most importantly, angel numbers remind us that we are not alone. You are not alone, the universe has your back!

The different number synchronicities have different meanings. Repeating single numbers could be a warning or reminder. They can be signs that you are the right path and making moving towards your dharma (life’s purpose).

What do angel numbers mean?

Angel numbers are not a coincidence. Pay attention to the numbers you see and the messages you receive. You can learn a lot!

We will explore many number combinations from single digits to other number patterns. The most important thing to mention when you are looking up what angel numbers mean, is to use your intuition. What does your intuition say to you when you see an angel number?

When You See Angel Number 1



When you see the number 1, trust yourself and your abilities. You will the angel number 1 when something new is coming to fruition - new opportunity, new job, new shift.

Trust yourself, you got this!

When You See Angel Number 2



When you see the number 2, take a second and pause. This is a time to reflect on your goals and what you want. Are you listening to yourself and your own intuition? Or are you letting outside forces influence your decisions?

When You See Angel Number 3


What are you holding back? Something needs to be released. Maybe it's an idea you’ve been sitting on or something that you need to tell somebody. Something inside you needs to be freed, embrace it, you’re human!

When You See Angel Number 4


Your foundation.

Think about a house. A house has a foundation. A table has 4 legs holding it up. They have a foundation. Everything needs a foundation, especially you. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you making time for self care? If you are seeing the number 4, your foundation needs some TLC.


When You See Angel Number 5



Positive change, in fact! Some may see the angel number 5 when they are feeling stuck and that an opportunity for positive change is coming.

When You See Angel Number 6



Something is out of whack when it comes to your work-life balance. How are you spending your time? Are some things getting ignored? Are other aspects in your life being sacrificed. Maybe think about making some adjustments. 


When You See Angel Number 7



When you see the angel number 7, take a break! You’ve earned it. Spend some time in nature. Reset. You will feel like a brand new person and feel realigned.

When You See Angel Number 8


When you see the angel number 8, you may be facing some hardships. The number reminds you that you will get through this and come out even stronger. The number 8 reminds you of your resilience and that better/bigger things are on their way.


When You See Angel Number 9



This could be compassion for yourself or compassion for others. How has your attitude been towards yourself? What about with others? Have you been quick to judge? Kind of harsh? When you see the number 9, remind yourself to have compassion! Never underestimate the power of kindness.


When You See Angel Number 0


Yes zero counts! The shape of the number 0 is a circle, there is no beginning or ending. It is infinite. Just like you. The angel number 0 reminds you that you are doing it. Keep doing exactly what you are doing.


When You See Angel Number Sequences

Now that you know what the numbers mean on their own, you are ready to move onto angel number sequences!
Take what you learned and keep building, baby!


Here are some angel numbers you may see!

When you are seeing the angel numbers 11/111/1111 

Listen to your intuition. You are tapped in. The more 1’s you see the better. Share your gifts & magic - create, teach, share!

New Beginnings! Aligned with your Soul Mission. Manifest!



When you are seeing the angel numbers 22/222/2222

You are in the right place at the right time, go for what you want. Turn your dreams into reality. You are in a great position to make things happen. Do not give up if you have been facing hard times.

Trust the Universe.



When you are seeing the angel numbers 33/333/333

Think about communication. Open up. You have a message that deserves to be shared. You have a voice. You are supported! Open up to the person you need to in your life. How do you choose to share with others? What is holding you back from opening up?

Angels are near you and want to help you!


When you are seeing the angel numbers 44/444/444

You are strong, it's time to show up for yourself. There may be some challenges coming, but nothing you can’t handle. What do you need for this test? How could you be even more prepared and strong?

The universe has your back, trust your inner power.


When you are seeing the angel numbers 55/555/5555

You may see these angel numbers when you need to cut some things out of your life. It could be a toxic relationship or job. All around just a change that you need to make, something you need to cut ties with. You will be better off. Snip-Snip!

Release what does not serve you. Change is coming.

When you are seeing the angel numbers 66/666/6666

You are important. When you see these angel numbers, know that you are important, beautiful, and vibrant. You matter. Take the time to be present, remind yourself about how valuable you are. Most importantly that your value does not depend on what others think about you. Think about your mindset. Are you stuck in a dark place? How can your time be spent doing things you love? Your energy is important.

Focus on self care. Are you focusing on something you shouldn’t? Check your mindset.

When you see the angel numbers 77, 777, 7777

What do you want? What are your goals? Have you reviewed them lately? Is that still what you want? Have things changed for you? Reexamine what you want, what you really and truly want. It’s okay to reach for more, you are meant to grow and change. Boost your energy.

Success is coming your way. 

When you see the angel numbers 88, 888, 8888

Check in with yourself. Are you dealing with other people’s shit? Are you stretched too thin? What are your responsibilities and what should be the responsibility of others? It’s okay to delegate.

Abundance is on its way if you open yourself to receive your blessings.


When you see the angel numbers 99, 999, 9999

You may be releasing the past and moving into something new. The numbers have to do with an ending. With endings, come the start of something new, a new state of being, a new phase. It's okay to let go of the past, in fact, it's important to release the past. Release the anger, sadness, judgment, resentment.

Go with the flow, a phase is coming to completion.

When you see the angel numbers 00, 000, 000

You’ve come full circle, a new beginning. You are attuned to the signs from the universe. Trust yourself and trust your intuition.

Clean slate! You are supported.


Other ways spirit talks to us:

  • Seeing certain animals - everywhere you go you see butterflies,  jaguars, lions, dolphins, or hummingbirds, etc.
  • Feathers
  • Dreams
  • Rainbows
  • Flashes/sparkles in light
  • Orbs in photos
  • Cloud Patterns/Shapes
  • Ringing in your ears

What are some of the ways that spirit leaves you messages? Do you see repeating numbers? Do you find feathers on the floor? Does a certain animal pop up in various places for you?

Please note - these are interpretations for angel numbers. Always trust your own intuition when you are analyzing your messages from spirit.