Hi Beach - Intuition Candle with Lapis Lazuli
Hi Beach - Intuition Candle with Lapis Lazuli
Hi Beach - Intuition Candle with Lapis Lazuli
Hi Beach - Intuition Candle with Lapis Lazuli

Hi Beach - Intuition Candle with Lapis Lazuli

Clari V Crystals
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Having trouble trusting your inner guidance? Are you listening to that little voice or are you second guessing yourself? Develop your intuition and activate your third eye chakra with a handmade meditation candle.  This hand poured candle will help boost your intuition and trust in yourself. So that when you get that feeling in your stomach, that intuitive hit, you trust it! It is time to release any blockages you have and trust your inner guidance! 

   Longer Burn Times, over 30 Hours! 

   Non Toxic!  Made with 100% Soy Wax. 

   Bigger Crystal Inside, 1-2 Inches in size.



High-grade soy wax, phthalate free essential oils, wood wick, healing crystals, dried herbs and flowers. 

Made with 100% vegan products and natural ingredients.  Always free of artificial colors, preservatives, fillers and fragrances. 

Hand Poured into a 12.5 Ounce black glass jar with protective lid.


Use this candle to boost your intuition, to learn to trust in yourself, and for inner guidance. The candle's natural fragrances acts as a personalized aromatherapy session for clarity, trust in yourself, and for personal insight.

Use this candle for daily meditation to help set your intentions and affirmations. To help you or your clients to get crystal clear and take charge of your life.

Use this Candle as a wonderful gift for your friends, family, co-workers, or self to tap into their (and you!) most intuitive selves to trust in themselves and their journey & overcome life's most difficult moments with clarity and trust.



HI BEACH - Get swept away by this Summer Ocean Breeze!
It has a fresh citrus scent with a touch of salt.
It is sunny, bright, and smells like an aquatic breeze on a warm day.
The scent is soft and creates a beautiful & relaxing ambiance.
Notes: Honeydew Melon, Citrus, Violet

Handpoured candle infused with Lapis Lazuli gemstones and Clear Quartz Crystals.
Each Beach scented candle is decorated with seashells, organic calendula flower petals, lapis lazuli chipstones, and clear quartz crystals.