Mini Manifestation Crystal Candle - with Surprise Crystal
Mini Manifestation Crystal Candle - with Surprise Crystal

Mini Manifestation Crystal Candle - with Surprise Crystal

Clari V Crystals
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Need help manifesting your desires?
Meet our new compact hidden crystal manifestation candle.  Materialize your intentions with our crystal infused candles specifically formulated for spiritual manifestation and handmade with love. 

   Longer Burn Times, over 12 Hours! 

   Non Toxic!  Made with 100% Soy Wax. 

   Infused with Manifestation Crystals.



High-grade soy wax, phthalate free essential oils, wood wick, healing crystals, and dried herbs.

Made with 100% vegan products and natural ingredients.  Always free of artificial colors, preservatives, fillers and fragrances. 

Hand Poured into a 4 ounce candle tin with protective lid.



Use this mini surprise hidden crystal candle to help materialize your most desired goals and wishes for the present time & upcoming year.  Enjoy your candles exhilarating aroma to cleans your surrounding environment for your family and loved ones.  Place it where you spend the most time during the day, to help strengthen your positive intentions.

Use this hidden crystal candle for daily meditation to help set your intentions and affirmations. To bring you or your clients happiness, harmony and courage. 

Use this Mini Hidden Crystal Candle as a wonderful gift for your friends, family, co-workers, or self to bring them (and you!) the same feeling of joy and strength to overcome life's most difficult moments with love.



 Rose Water - Light & delicate!

The scent is fresh and heavenly. It is not overly floral, it is the perfect floral blend.
Smelling this candle is like smelling a fresh unpicked rose.
Decorated with a dried rosebud.

Amber & Orchid - Sultry & Sweet!
The perfect year round scent!
It is a beautiful blend of floral scents from jasmine, mixed with sweet orange, rich amber, cedar, and a touch of sandalwood.