Pink Amethyst on Stand
Pink Amethyst on Stand
Pink Amethyst on Stand
Pink Amethyst on Stand

Pink Amethyst on Stand

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Stand Up!

Stunning & Rare Rose Pink Amethyst on stand.
This pink amethyst on stand is perfect for crystal decor or use as a display amethyst.
The pink amethyst on stand would fit nicely on your bookshelf or your altar.


Crystal Properties

Pink Amethyst has many properties of regular purple amethyst which is most common. Pink Amethyst crystal is real, it is a lavender or pink color geode instead of the bright purple that purple amethyst is known for.
Pink Amethyst crystal offers strong protection against the negative energies of the environment and the bad spirits around you. It aids in healing from the relationships and friendships. Pink amethyst crystals help with Clarity of mind and thoughts.
Pink amethyst clusters strengthen the heart chakra.


Size of pink amethyst on black metal stand:
Pink Amethyst on stand total height is 5.5 inch tall
Total weight 13 oz
Crystal is: 4 inch tall, 3 inch width, 1 inch depth
Black Display stand is 3 inch x 2 inch