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Aquarius Zodiac Crystal Recommendations

Time for Aquarius Season!

Let’s take the time off to recharge, reset, refill our cups, be spontaneous, open minded, and have fun.
If there are projects we want to start or maybe have started but aren’t going quite right, let’s take the time to take a look at it from a different angle.
Maybe we need to make some adjustments, refocus our efforts. Get creative!
We attract what we put out!


Aquarius Dates are Approximately January 20th to February 18.


The Aquarius zodiac sign is depicted as the Water Bearer. Aquarius traits are very unique, just like them. They are independent, fun, weirdos, and are very original.

During this Aquarius season, let us all embrace a fun, adventurous, and eccentric attitude.

We still want to remain grounded, but at the same time have some fun. There is a beautiful balance between these two aspects.

Here are our crystals for Aquarius season darlings!


Moonstone to help with mental balance after a crazy couple weeks. Encourage our dreams, hope for the future, & of course new beginnings.

Hematite for grounding while things are fun. Also helps with clarity to focus on what we want/our next creative products and balancing our energy.

Amethyst for cleansing away negative energy & confusion so you can focus on what’s next for you, and to relax and take it easy!

Lepidolite for stress relief and help with worry after these crazy couple weeks. Super peaceful and calming energy to chill ✌🏽

Aquamarine to help with motivation. Yes we want to chill, relax and take it easy. But we still have things we want to work on and accomplish. Aquamarine will helps provide the discipline to get things done. It will also keep us calm under pressure.


✨There are so many of my favorite crystals this month! What type of fun are you getting into?

Some fun planned over the next few weeks include: going to see a favorite artist of mine and attend her book signing, visiting family, & attending my first Tucson gem show!

Have Fun. Stay weird.

Which healing crystals are you working with this season?