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Aries Zodiac Crystal Recommendations

Aries Zodiac Season is here!

Along with Aries Season, we have the Spring Equinox. Time for change, new growth, new beginnings, every thing is fresh, new potential!⁠

Aries sign is the first sign of the zodiac.⁠ The Aries symbol is the ram. The Aries sign is ruled by Mars.
This is the time for a new you, a fresh start, getting off on the right foot, stepping into your power, and going after what you want.⁠
Get comfortable with new beginnings, be decisive, be bold, be confident in your skin, and be direct.⁠

Aries Dates are approximately March 21- April 19.


Here are the crystal recommendations for Aries Season:⁠

Ruby to bring out your passion, to help you step into your personal power, and to help with your leadership qualities. ⁠
Garnet to help with your energy flow - to keep you flowing and to help with blockages. Also for its grounding energy and to aid with creativity.⁠
Jasper for patience and persistence! As well as courage to go after what you want, stamina and determination to keep going even when you feel like giving up.⁠
Kunzite to help you get into your flow state, to help you release any resistance, and opening your heart.⁠
Carnelian for courage and fearlessness to take action on your goals. For creativity and help to ignite the fire within you!⁠

Lots of red color stones this season...coincidence? ⁠

What crystals will you be working with or do you love to work with?⁠