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Cancer Zodiac Crystal Recommendations


Cancer Season = My Season⁠

Where my Cancer Sun/Moon/Risings at?⁠


Cancer dates are approximately June 21 to July 22.

Cancer is the July Horoscope sign. Cancerians are water signs. The Cancer zodiac sign is symbolized by the crab.

If you are a cancer you may love to be at home, connecting with your loved ones, and can be a bit sensitive..maybe even moody!⁠

Cancer personality traits are creative, intuitive, and sometimes moody.

When I was putting together the crystal recommendations for Cancer Season...I noticed a common theme with a few of these stones.⁠

This cancer season will be big on working with your intuition.

The first three crystals - ruby, rhodonite, & moonstone are great crystals to help with your pineal gland. Your pineal glad is your third eye. Working with your intuition (listening to her) will be very important.⁠

Here are your crystal recommendations for cancer season!⁠


Ruby crystals will help with motivation and following your bliss.⁠

Rhodonite stones help to balance your emotions. Your sensitivity is your superpower but sometimes we need help getting out of the dark place. Rhodonite is also great for help if your ex's try slipping into those dm's. The energy is grounding & supportive.⁠

Moonstone will always be a favorite cancer crystal. It helps with your intuition, balancing the masculine/feminine energies, and helps to calm our emotions in times of stress. Moonstone reminds us that just like the moon, we go through phases. ⁠

Chalcedony to promote togetherness, compassion for one another, & unity. We will want to be strengthening our bonds with our loved ones this season, chalcedony helps with those connections.⁠

Chrysoprase to help you be open to situations and to be flexible. Chrysoprase helps with the ego and helps with being impulsive - acting/speaking out of anger. Chrysoprase encourages creativity, hope, & JOY!⁠

How are you feeling going into Cancer Season?⁠