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Gemini Zodiac Crystal Recommendations

Are you ready for your crystal recommendations for June? These are our crystal recommendations for Gemini season. These crystal recommendations are for ALL of us as we navigate the energy of Gemini season. If you are a Gemini sun, Gemini moon, Gemini rising, or have any Gemini in your birthchart, these gemini crystal recommendations are especially for you. 

Gemini season is here!
Gemini season runs approx. May 21 to June 20.

The astrological sign Gemini is symbolized by the Twins. Gemini is associated with communication. The Twins remind us of the duality of life. With communication, there is the logical thought process and then there is the other side...the conscious mind. Gemini is an air sign. They are talkative, communicative, sociable, playful, and curious. 

Themes this month will be about honest communication (throat chakra healing is coming in hot!). We are being asked to work on ourselves, to prioritize our healing, to transform, and to focus on our growth.


Crystal recommendation for Gemini



Tigers Eye - To help us to focus! Focus on accomplishing our goals, recognizing that we have the tools we need, we've always had the tools and resources. Tigers Eye will help us to get clear on what what we want, our intentions, and our manifestations. The grounding energy of Tigers Eye helps to anchor us in to our reality and physical body. Tigers eye will help us to figure out what we actually want vs what we actually need. Tiger's Eye also helps with our self worth, blocked creativity, and balances the duality (yin-yang inside of us all).

Moonstone - To keep our emotions calm! It helps to keep us calm in situations where our first inclination is to react and perhaps even overact. It keeps us calm when we feel the emotional triggers take place. Moonstone helps to balance the male-female energies within us - HELLO DUALITY! Moonstone provides deep healing, soothing emotional instability/stress, and helps to dissolve old emotional patterns.

Chrysoprase - To keep us calm, communicate, and remain open! Chrysoprase helps us to communicate effectively, it helps to prevent lashing out in anger and saying something we do not mean. It helps to balance the independent and codependent energy we have within us. It is great to be independent, it is also great to ask for help and be committed to something.

Blue Lace Agate - For our throat chakra! Blue lace agate reminds us to slow down, to be calm, and brings us a bit of peace of mind. It is a great crystal to help heal the throat chakra, so that we can freely express ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings. By clearing our throat chakra, we allow for our highest truth to come forward. Clear communication is going to be key so that we are having honest conversations with ourselves and others.

Rutilated Quartz - To help us connect with your highest self and our spirit guides. It helps us to break down the walls of what was holding us back and let go. It opens us up to heal (past life healing, aura healing).


What to Expect this Gemini Season

The next few weeks we may be itching to be sociable. Gemini energy is very sociable and playful. We may be on an emotional roller coaster this month. Our physical bodies are craving fun, interaction with friends, freedom! But we are being asked to focus. What do you want? But seriously...what do you really want? This is a time to be honest with yourself, to take a really good, hard look on what your focus has been on lately and see if things need to change. We are being asked to heal and focus on our healing. Healing comes in many forms. It could include spending time by yourself, spending time outdoors, time in meditation. There will be many emotional triggers this month. Try to remain calm, think before we speak, and try not to act or speak in anger.

When you feel doubts or uncertainty, go inward. Use your crystal Rx to help you.