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Pisces Zodiac Crystal Recommendations | 2020

Do Not Fear Mercury Retrograde. This is our first retrograde of the year.


The first Mercury Retrograde of the Year is in Pisces. Do not fear Mercury Retrograde.


Try your best to stay present.
When your phone is slow, or something isn’t working, or you misplace your keys, etc. Take a moment & Pause. Connect back to your body. Take a breath. Wiggle your toes. Stretch and stand up tall. Create space for you and the energy you are looking to bring in.

Trust your intuition. Your instincts have gotten you this far. Get grounded, spend time outside (and by yourself!) Connect back to yourself.
Things may get weird but nothing is out of your control.


Don’t be scared of mercury retrograde.


Mercury Retrograde brings change, excitement, fun challenges, creative juices, intuitive practices, and much needed growth.
Trust yourself.
You’re a badass bitch!

Mercury retrograde in Pisces!

Pisces is a water sign. Other water signs include Scorpio and Cancer. The Pisces zodiac is symbolized by a pair of fish. The two fish are shown swimming in two different directions.

Why two different directions? Because it is showing the two aspects of Pisces, fantasy & reality. 

Pisces is ruled by Neptune which is all about creativity and imagination. The dark side of this is illusion and mystery. This can be scary! The zodiac sign Pisces reminds us that not everything is sunny and cute and that sometimes we need to face things head on to grow.

The Pisces sign is the last sign in the zodiac, meaning it is the 12th and final sign.


Pisces Dates are approximately February 19 - March 20.


Here are some crystals that will help us through mercury retrograde and pisces season.

Our Crystal Recommendations for Pisces Season!


Sunstone- just like the sun it is bright and light! It helps with motivation when technology goes crazy, prosperity, empowerment, and joy.

Moonstone- pair with sunstone to harness both the sun and the moon energy. Moonstone helps you connect with the divine feminine. It helps with your intuition and new beginnings.

Bloodstone is for seeing things through. It is for creativity and intuition, strength, and protection. Intuition is your strength and power! Trust yourself! Let those creative juices flow.

Aquamarine to help you speak your mind without confusion and with confidence. It is for self healing and reduces stress. Take time for yourself if you need it. Alone time to journal, draw, meditate, pull cards, do Self care, etc.

Blue Lace Agate for stress relief, tranquil vibes, and peace! The vibes are gentle and calming, very soothing. It is also great for communication and confidence.


Keep it vibey and chill, our Rx for mercury retrograde is to chill out.

What crystals will you be using for mercury retrograde and pisces season?