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Scorpio Zodiac Crystal Recommendations

Scorpio Szn is Upon us!


Scorpio dates are approximately October 23-November 21 depending on the year.

Scorpio season is all about going deep. We are sick and tired of the small talk and superficial convos.
We’re craving something more!


The Scorpio zodiac sign is symbolized by the scorpion. Scorpio is the November zodiac. The Scorpio zodiac sign is a water sign, just like Pisces and Cancer.

We are in the midst of Mercury Retrograde

This is why it’s so important to keep calm & not freak out when things don’t go our way.
Personally I was quite proud of myself for not losing my shit when half of my website blogs were accidentally deleted!
Meditation & breathwork works!

Tap into your passionate self during Scorpio season!

This can be an extremely transformational time if you are ready to do the work.
Don’t settle!
Scorpio season is all about owning your worth and to embrace your dark side.
We all have a dark side.
It’s the yin and yang balance.
This could be a great time to do the shadow work you’ve been avoiding!

Imagine the possibilities!

Ready for our crystal recommendations for Scorpio season?










Rose Quartz


White Howlite


Do you have any Scorpio ♏️ placements in your chart?