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Taurus Zodiac Crystal Recommendations

The sign Taurus is symbolized with the bull. So what do we expect during the season of the Bull?


Taurus season we are shifting gears a bit from intense & fiery Aries season. We are slowing down, taking it a bit more easy, nourishing ourselves. Taurus is an Earth sign. When you think of the Earth, grounding earth energy comes to mind. The energy of Taurus is grounding and about being comfortable. It is also about being supported - physically, mentally, spiritually.

Taurus season is going to teach us about patience (personally, not my best trait! What about you?). Take this time in Taurus season to think through your actions before acting. Think before you execute.

The last few weeks may be been impulsive and go-go-go. Now we are being asked to slow down, to be persistent, to be steady. During this time, we must remember to be compassionate with ourselves and others. Take time for yourself. Relax. Do the Self Care practices you adore. It will all be okay!




Azurite - Clarity to see things from new perspectives, letting go of programmed beliefs/expectations. Also helps with stress & worry! Opening your mind to new possibilities!

Selenite - A great grounding & protective crystal to set the vibes right in your home creating a safe space and peaceful atmosphere. Selenite vibes are cleansing, peaceful, and mentally help with insight. Clearing away any confusion or fog so we can see crystal clear and can see the big picture.

Tiger's Eye - An amazing grounding and protective crystal. It helps us to act with integrity, accomplish goals, to be persistent. It helps with self worth, creativity, recognizing your unique talents and how to overcome and keep going.

Malachite - A stone for transformation, encouraging change! As a green crystal, it is great for the heart chakra so you are open to love. It helps to release inhibitions and express yourself and how you feel! It is okay to feel and be human.

Rose Quartz - The stone of unconditional love, including self love. This stone opens yourself up to love, encouraging unconditional love. It helps with self-forgiveness, self worth, & self trust.



The next few weeks there will be a few themes coming up. Themes associated with money, worth, possessions, resources, etc.

This is why a few of the crystals that are recommended this month are great for worthiness, prosperity, abundance, protection, and self love & compassion.

Taurus energy is very loyal and love to be comfortable. This can sometimes come off materialistic, stubborn, & maybe even lazy. Taking time to slow down and take care of yourself isn’t lazy. It’s necessary.

You cannot fill from any empty cup.

It is important to protect your energy and take care of yourself. Self care is not selfish, it is necessary.

Be patient with yourself & with those around you!

Make your house and space a haven, someplace that is welcoming & comfortable for you. It’s time to de clutter again, spring clean, refresh the energy in your home.

You are beautiful, radiant, creative, and abundant. Embrace it!

You are divine.


This is your prescription this Taurus season!