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Malachite Meaning and Spiritual Properties

Malachite crystals in raw, polished and bracelet form for healing and spirituality.

Malachite Crystal, What is it? 

This is a very unique time in our lives. Our world is changing, quickly. Each day is different. We are being asked to change, to rise, to grow. Growth isn't always sunshine and butterflies. It is tough, we have to grow through our difficulties. Malachite is the ideal stone to be used to help us with this rapidly changing energy.

Malachite is a very unique stone because no two stones are exactly the same. The coloring is green with dark and light bands and lines that run through it. It is very beautiful and unique!

Use malachite to release your inhibitions, encourage your creativity, and enhance your intuition.

It is a beautiful green crystal. Like other green crystals, it is a stone for wealth. It is also a stone for personal growth and abundance in all forms. 

Malachite History

Egyptian coffin wood shard painted with malachite crystal

The name Malachite comes from two Greek words which means soft and reference the color green. The name Malachite is not only known for the coloring in the stone, but it is also known for the intense powers it holds. Ancient Egyptians used to make eye-paint out of the stone. It was used as a protection crystal all the way back in the year 1050 B.C. 

What causes the color in Malachite? 

The color of Malachite is a result of its chemical makeup.  Specifically, the presence of copper is what creates the rich green hues.  When the stone is heated to high temperatures, the copper within the stone oxidizes producing the brilliant green color.  Similar to the oxidative process of rust on iron, this form of oxidation produces beautiful green colors.  

What is the history behind Malachite?

I love learning about crystals and stones and how they date back to ancient civilizations. I love to learn how these ancient civilizations used these crystals and stones. Malachite dates back to 4000 BC! Malachite was used in jewelry and used as talisman. 

Malachite beads woven by South American's as a chest ornament

Malachite is a mineral, which is typically found in Brazil and Africa.  Early civilizations have been using Malachite for centuries. Malachite has been used to paint the frescoes on the temples in Egypt. Crushed malachite was also said to be used in the Sistine Chapel.

The most interesting thing to mention is that malachite was used as pigment. It was ground up and used as pigment for art as well as cosmetics! High ranking Egyptians used makeup to distinguish themselves. They often would create a dramatic eye look with the crushed up green malachite stone. 

I wonder if they knew it was toxic!

Malachite Legends and Myths

The shamans of many ancient civilizations used Malachite as a gift to the gods. Many historic groups utilized the stone as a way to heal pain and produce happiness. The early Arabic civilizations used it for medicine, beauty, longevity, and protection. It was regarded as a stone of protection. 

The Aztecs believed it could help hold the soul in the body. It was used in Mexico for protection, healing, and spiritual work. 

In India, Malachite was used to heal the physical body from sickness and is considered a holy stone through its relationship with one of the eight guardians of the Hindu lords. It is considered one of the best healing stones to promote good health and to attract an abundance of wealth and prosperity. 

The Ancient Greeks used Malachite to enhance the powers of spiritual oracles.  The Greeks  wore Malachite as jewelry to protect against mental disorders and evil spirits that reside in the body.  Greeks believed it to be capable of protecting against madness and insanity and against evil spirits possessing the human body.

Chinese element chart with malachite crystals

Chinese medicine associates Malachite with the five Yearly element theory (wood, water, fire, metal, earth). The stone is brilliant green and is considered to enhance the wood element in your body. Chinese people consider Malachite a medicine stone that will bring forth a clear path to thinking and balancing your yin-yang. Malachite has been used to protect from mental instability and activites brain toward positive emotions and happiness. 

Malachite even dates back to medieval times! Malachite “mobiles” were created and would hang above the baby's bed. They believed hanging malachite above the crib would protect the baby from evil and from harm.

I am curious if this was polished malachite or if it was fibrous! Fibrous malachite is toxic!

Malachite Healing Properties

Malachite is said to boost immunity and regulate the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen as well as the gallbladder. It is also thought to have a positive effect on throat inflammation.  Some people have noticed an improvement in balance, hearing and other inner ear related conditions that affected their daily life.

Emotional Healing with Malachite

Malachite is the stone of transformation. Malachite encourages you to take changes and be a bit more adventurous. It encourages change and you to take risks. It is a very protective stone. Malachite has no mercy. If there is something you are holding on to, it will help you to release these blockages. It will bring up what is holding you back from growing so that you may do something about it.

It can help you to break patterns, take responsibility for your actions, and to release inhibitions. Malachite encourages you to express yourself and helps those who are shy.

Malachite can help you with trauma. It helps you get to the core of your issues. Using malachite you will become more observant and can enhance your intuition.

Malachite is a great stone for your mind.

Malachite guide on healing the mind, body and soul

Healing Your Body with Malachite

Malachite is a great stone to help enhance the immune system. It helps with blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, and more. It can help the liver to release toxins. It is also said to help with childbirth and can help with cramps.

Possessing the stone by wearing it as jewelry or as a home decoration you will notice an increase in stamina and endurance throughout your daily activities.  You can also use it during rehabilitation after a surgery or athletic injury to speed up recovery and build up the immune system.

Malachite to unblock your Chakras

Woman meditating with chakras showing

There are not that many crystals that can do this! Malachite is a powerful stone to balance your heart chakra.This is where malachite truly shines. It is a great stone for your heart chaka. It can help you to be open to all types of love. Malachite helps to bring you balance, harmony, and peace.

The heart chakra symbolizes love and compassion and helps us to connect with a higher frequency of life.  Malachite strengthens the vibrations of your heart chakra to enhance healing, forgiveness, togetherness, relationships and the desire for truth.  

Warning: Malachite can be Toxic! 

 It is important to mention when you choose to work with malachite to handle it with caution. It really only should be used in its polished form. The reason why I mention this is because fibrous/raw malachite is toxic! This is not a stone to be used as an elixir.  Do not breathe in the dust. Please handle it with care if you choose to have the fibrous form. 

How to Use Malachite Daily

Start by incorporating your malachite crystals with your meditation practices. Malachite is a great stone to use during meditation. You can place your malachite on your third eye, your heart, or your solar plexus. Wear your malachite jewelry! If you have a necklace or ring, wear it! Malachite was once used as a talisman. Below is an affirmation you can use while wearing or meditating with your malachite

It is important to note that malachite amplifies both positive and negative energy. This may bring out a spicy attitude for some. If you notice that you are a bit short or argumentative, it may be best to move your malachite or remove your malachite jewelry.

Malachite may cause very slight heart palpitations when placed on the heart chakra. If you notice this, switch to rose quartz!

Cleanse your malachite often with clear quartz, the sun, or the moon. 

Do not use salt because this will damage your malachite crystal.

Malachite Affirmation: I love how open I am to positive change & transformation in my life. I love how protected I always am.