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Move Over It’s Moonstone Crystal

Moonstone is a beautiful crystal and is one of my favorites! It comes in many different colors. Rainbow moonstone is quite famous for its beautiful blue flash similar to labradorite. Think of moonstone as the crystal for new beginnings. It is a very mystical crystal and can help enhance your intuition.
Moonstone ranks 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale which makes it not very hard. Diamonds are ranked 10 for reference. Moonstone is a member of the feldspar family. Another member of the feldspar family is labradorite. Both of these healing crystals are popular for their adularescence which is the beautiful flash that is so popular.

How Moonstone Crystal Gets its Name

Moonstone looks like the Moon! Moonstone gets its name due to its resemblance to the moon. It was known as a traveler’s stone, protecting those who travel at night and use the moon as guidance. Moonstone helps with the inward journey too. Moonstone is strongly linked to the moon and moon cycles.

Moonstone Amulets & Ancient Civilizations

Moonstone has been a popular stone for years. It was used as a talisman and many travelers would carry it. In India, it is a very sacred stone to this day. The story goes that the Indian god of the moon, Ganesh, had a moonstone embedded in his forehead. Moonstone was very popular in Roman jewelry and were used as moonstone amulets. Moonstone crystals were often used in sacred carvings and statues. Romans believed that moonstone crystals were made from moonlight.


What are Moonstone Crystal Properties

Moonstone is magical! It is a stone for new beginnings. It helps to enhance intuition and helps with inner growth and strength. Moonstone helps with stress and helps to stabilize emotions. It has very calming energy. Overall, moonstone is very soothing. It has a very feminine energy. Moonstone is a great crystal to take while traveling, especially at night. Many keep a tumbled stone with them to help with their road rage.

Where to Place Moonstone Crystals for Home

 Moonstone is beneficial to be kept in the bedroom. It helps with sleep and stress. Try placing moonstone under your pillow if you are having issues with sleeping. Moonstone is a great crystal to travel with. Take moonstone with you if you are traveling. It is supposed to help you travel safely. It was known as the traveler's stone afterall!


How Can Moonstone Energy Help

Moonstone is connected with the moon. It helps to remind us that like the moon, we are constantly changing and growing through cycles. It is extremely calming and helpful with emotional triggers.
Moonstone can help with intuition and developing your psychic gifts.This is a great crystal to tap into the goddess within. Moonstone really helps you tap into your feminine side. It carries a lot of feminine energy. Moonstone helps to get the kundalini energy activated. Kundalini life force exists in all of us like a coiled snake or a “sleeping goddess.”

What Chakra is Associated with Moonstone Crystals

third_eye_chakraMoonstone can be beneficial to the third eye chakraIt can also be beneficial to the crown chakra. Moonstone is helpful in clearing away the negative energy from the chakras through the crown chakra which is located at the top of your head.

How to Use Moonstone Crystals

The energy from moonstone is very calming. It is great to help with those having trouble sleeping or suffering from nightmares. Place moonstone tumbled stones under your pillow or place near your bed.
The gentle feminine energy of moonstone is great for PMS and childbirth. It is also a great fertility crystal. Moonstone is a great fertility crystal and to have near you throughout your pregnancy. It helps to get the kundalini energy stirred up and awakened inside of you.

Moonstone is great to be worn as jewelry. This is my favorite way to utilize the healing properties of moonstone gemstones. Moonstone gemstones are great to be worn as a ring, necklace, bracelet, and other types of jewelry.


What you Need to Know about Moonstone Crystal Properties

Don’t forget to charge your moonstone in the full moon. This is a crystal that greatly benefits from being charged by the full moon. Place your moonstone on a windowsill or balcony if you do not have access to going outside during a full moon.
Moonstone comes in many colors including peach, cat’s eye, rainbow, white, and gray!


Moonstone & the Goddesses

Moonstone is linked to so many goddesses! Moonstone honors Diane, the Roman Goddess of the Moon. Moonstone also honors Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon. In Greek Mythology, Selene travels the night sky as a guide for travelers. Moonstone also honors Nyx, the Greek Goddess of the Night.

Moonstone Affirmation


I love how tapped into my intuition I am and how it guides me on my journey.


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