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Shungite Stone - Shungite Crystals

Shungite is such a popular stone. But why? What is the purpose of shungite? Where is the shungite mineral from?

 Where is Shungite Stone from?

Shungite stone was first discovered almost two billion years ago near the village of Shunga in Russia. Dating back to the Paleoproterozoic age, this healing mineral came from deposits in shallow water bodies, that underwent geothermal heat and pressure. The shungite mineral turned into an almost pure form of carbon, but that was not the only noteworthy characteristic of the stone.

In 1992, carbon molecules that formed into hollow molecules called fullerenes were found in this scarce stone. Yet it wasn’t until a few years later in 1996 that Shungite gained popularity for its detoxification potential after Nobel Peace Prize-winning research discovered antioxidant properties within these fullerenes.
Since then, Shungite stone has been used in Russia for water purification, but today the stone is more widely known and used for its healing and protective properties.

Shungite Benefits & Healing Properties

Shungite stone is known for its positive effects on overall physical and emotional wellbeing. Shungite helps remove negative energies that are linked to diseases and illnesses, helping us achieve a healthy physical state. Along with healing of the physical body, comes the healing of the mind.

Shungite stone improves mood and energy levels while promoting a positive mindset. Its ability to support a harmonious state between the body, mind, and spirit, make Shungite a powerful stone for optimal healing and wellness. Shungite stones help with stress and rest. It is extremely protective and detoxifying. Use shungite to boost your energy levels.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Protection & Shungite Stones

Electromagnetic radiation consists of waves that are given off from electronic devices such as cell phones, microwaves, televisions, and computers. When placed near these devices, Shungite blocks some of their radial output, making it a useful stone for shielding you from radiation and electronic pollution.

Place a shungite cell phone tile on your phone case to protect yourself from EMF waves. You can also use a shungite tile near your wifi router in your home to protect yourself and your family.

Shungite Grounding Effects

Shungite stone absorbs negative energy. What makes this stone unique though, is while it deflects negative energies around us, it also promotes feelings of self-assuredness, confidence, and grounding. In this way, it also promotes healthier relationships by giving you more power to speak up for yourself and get to the root of your problems.

Shungite & Chakra Balancing

Because Shungite stone is connected with this idea of grounding, it makes sense that the stone is used widely for root chakra balancing. Our root chakra is the center through which we connect to the earth, and it is all about feeling secure, stable, supported, and connected. For this reason, Shungite is beneficial when used during meditation, as it helps you harness a sense of calm, and when held in your hands, it provides an overall soothing effect.


Wear your Crystals, Queens

Shungite stone is a great stone to wear as an accessory. The best way to channel the energy of Shungite is by wearing it directly on your body as jewelry, such as a Shungite bracelet. By wearing Shungite jewelry, all of its benefits, including healing properties, EMF protection, grounding effects, and chakra balancing, are more easily attainable.

Shungite jewelry can also be worn as necklaces, earrings, or rings, although Shungite bracelets are one of the simplest ways to incorporate this magical stone into your daily life. By keeping Shungite nearby, you can begin to heal your spirit as you cleanse your life of negativity and create more space to live your happiest and most authentic life.


Shungite Affirmation