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Carnelian | Crystal of the Month - April

Who is ready for the April crystal of the Month? We are in the midst of Aries season. Aries is symbolized by the ram.

Our Healing Crystal for April is Carnelian!

Carnelian is a great healing crystal to keep close and near during Aries season (approx. March 20 – April 19). I say approximately, as my husband is born April 20th, on the cusp between Aries and Taurus and he is 100% an Aries. His energy exudes Aries energy.


Aries season is about taking action, being assertive, going after the goals you have been putting on pause, being a leader, being confident. Carnelian helps us who are lacking in those areas to embody that Aries energy. Carnelian crystal helps you to step into your power, to be confident in your own skin, and be direct like the natural leader you can be. We all can be leaders, thought leaders, motivational leaders. We must tap into those natural talents instead of being afraid of stepping into those gifts.

Carnelian crystal embodies courage, confidence, and creativity. It’s coloring is red and orange like a fire! 🔥

Use carnelian to ignite the creative, passionate fire within.


Carnelian is a crystal that can help with the first three chakras (root, sacral, & solar plexus). It is very special in this way that it is able to unblock and balance the first three chakras. Carnelian can help with the first chakra, our root chakra, because that is where are rooted like a tree.
Our root chakra is our home base, our feeling of safety/security/groundedness, our connection to earth.
Right now we have a lot of uncertainty in our modern world. There is so much up in the air. We need root chakra healing to remind us that we are safe, we will be okay, we will get through this uncertain time. And we do not need to stock up on toilet paper! Carnelian can help with root chakra healing. 
When it’s imbalanced we feel anxious, scared, depressed, afraid, having nightmares, angry. When your root chakra is balanced, you feel supported, safe, connected. You are happy and feel at peace! You will notice the nightmares and anxious feelings go away. You feel confident.


Use carnelian to help with these uncertain feelings. Meditating with your carnelian is a great start and helper! Take you carnelian in your hands (or if its large place your hands on it) and try the carnelian affirmation below!

Carnelian affirmation: “I love how protected I am. I love that I am always safe and supported. I love how strong and courageous I am. I am safe.”