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Tigers Eye | Crystal of the Month - August

Hot August Summer is in Full Effect!

August is Leo Season! We have made a lot going on already with Lion’s Gate (8/8).

With the vibe and energy of August and Leo Season, it only felt right for our Crystal of the Month for August to be...Tiger’s Eye!

Our Healing Crystal of the Month of August is Tigers Eye!


Tigers Eye is one of the crystals that was included in the Leo Zodiac Crystal Recommendations.

Tigers Eye is a wonderful crystal to work with. I urge you to try it out if you have not yet.

Tigers Eye will help you unleash the a good way!

Tigers Eye Crystal is a very powerful stone. What makes it so special is that it combines the energy of the sun and the earth. This combination creates an extremely high vibrational state.

It is a very grounding crystal. The energy from tigers eye stones is very protective.

Tigers Eye stones were once used as talisman. Ancient Civilizations would wear tigers eye crystals for protection. They believed tigers eye talisman would protect against curses.


Use tiger eye to help bring out your inner power, your integrity. Tigers Eye can help you to accomplish goals, tap into your inner resources, and get clear on what you want and your intentions.

The energy from tigers eye is very grounding and is a wonderful manifestation crystal.

Leo season is about being bold, going after you want, and slaying your goals like a goddess! Tigers Eye can help you with all of that.

Use tigers eye to help you with your self worth, blocked creativity, and negative self talk. It can help you with your limiting beliefs. You will realize that the limiting beliefs that you place on yourself is bullshit!


With tigers eye, you will be able to recognize your talents and abilities because you are unique and special.
Let your inner lion (or lioness) roar with tigers eye. You are powerful. You are divine. Use tigers eye to awaken your inner strength and power.

Leo season is the perfect time for all of that!


Tigers Eye & Chakras

Tigers eye crystal is effective on the first three chakras. These chakras are the root chakra, sacral chakra, and the solar plexus chakra.

Tigers Eye Affirmation:

Everything I need is inside me - I am strong, powerful, worthy, and know what I want & I make things happen.