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Black Moonstone | Crystal of the Month - July

Holy smokes! Can you believe how quickly July is flying by? This entire month has almost been a blur. There has been so much going on energetically with the world, personally, and emotionally. It can be hard sometimes to balance it all. Personally, my emotions have been here, there, everywhere!

From eclipse season to mercury retrograde, there has just been so much going on in the world and cosmos.
The desire this month is to get grounded. With eclipse season, there are many new beginnings and new opportunities.
Have you had doors opening for you this month? Have new opportunities just popped up for you in a beautiful type of divine timing?

What I have felt are the most important things this month are to:

  • Ground my energy through meditation, mindfulness, time outside and in nature
  • Trust my intuition - trust yourself, listen to your intuition
  • Go with the flow - not everything is about control
  • Embrace new ideas - great things are on their way, great things are here

For all of these reasons, that is why the Crystal of the Month for July is Black Moonstone!


Black Moonstone is a beautiful and magical stone. If you do not have any black moonstone, I encourage you to check it out and see if it calls to you.

Black moonstone is an incredible crystal for many reasons. Black moonstone is great to use during the new moon as it is a stone for new beginnings and ideas. It is a great crystal to have around your house. Black moonstone is a protective crystal. Its beautiful energy helps with positivity which is great to have around when you are in the Cancer feels.

Use black moonstone to strengthen your intuition. Place it under your pillow or my personal favorite is to have it on my bedside table. Try it out! 

Moonstone helps to balance the feminine and masculine energy within us all - yin yang - duality at its finest. Black Moonstone is very helpful with getting into your flow - your divine feminine. Black Moonstone crystal is wonderful for deep introspective thinking. We cannot be afraid to go inward, to do the shadow work, to analyze what makes us feel so triggered. We cannot live in just love and light, we must embrace the shadows. We must do the work.
Explore your shadows, you are a warrior. Do not be so hard on yourself. We all have shadows, we all have the dark side within us. We each have the opportunity to work through the shadows and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Black Moonstone is great for dream work. Do you have trouble remembering your dreams? Try using black moonstone. It is very helpful for dream work and remembering your dreams so you can analyze them further.

Be honest with yourself. Be fearless. Use black moonstone to sort through your shit without judgement. It can help you to understand yourself better. What are the stories you created? Are they merely stories? Take a deep look, without judgment. What no longer serves you? What can you release?

Black Moonstone is a great crystal for the root chakra, get grounded! It is great for the sacral chakra (creativity and passion), your third eye (intuition and inner guidance), and your crown chakra (intuition and spiritual guidance).


Use black moonstone for your intuition! Get excited! Trust yourself.

Everything is working out for you. Everything is divinely planned. You are here for a reason.


Black Moonstone Affirmation: My intuition is my superpower. I release all that does not serve me including stories and judgments.