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Crystal of the Month - June 2020

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis by those who are sworn to defend and protect us. This is not the first time that police brutality has occurred in the black community and sadly it is not the last. The amount of names of black men, women, and children that have been killed because of the color of their skin is astronomical. What were they doing when they were killed?
They were in their homes (Breonna Taylor), wearing a hoodie (Trayvon Martin), playing with a toy gun (12 year old boy, Tamir Rice), holding their cellphone (Stephon Clark), running (Ahmaud Arbery), driving (Philando Castile & Sandra Bland). 

(*Please note these are just some of the young men and women that have lost their lives due to racial injustice and racial profiling. Say their names.*)

Since May 25, 2020 protests for George Floyd's death, racial injustice, and police brutality have taken place in all 50 states in the USA. When have all 50 states ever agreed on anything? What happened to George cannot be forgotten. Anyone who has seen even a snip of the video footage of his murder will never forget what can feel George's fear, you can hear it in his voice as he calls out for help. The police officers standing by had a chance to act, to do something, to do the right thing. But they didn't. They stood by and let evil prevail. 
Since the death of George Floyd, the energy has been so thick and heavy. So thick you could cut it with a knife. 
We must continue to use our voices and speak out about these clear injustices in our communities. We must take a stand. At the same time, it is important for us to take care of ourselves and protect our energy.

Our Crystal of the Month for June is Blue Lace Agate crystal.

Why Blue Lace Agate? Blue lace agate crystal helps to activate and heal the throat chakra. This allows for free expression of our thoughts and our feelings. It helps to neutralize our anger and counteract the repression and suppression of feelings that come from being judged. How often are we afraid to speak up and share our voices for fear of being judged? This is why blue lace agate is a wonderful crystal to work with. The energy of blue lace agate is soft and calming. It is nurturing and supportive.


Unblock your Throat Chakra with Blue Lace Agate Crystal

Use Blue Lace Agate to be a voice for those who need help. Blue lace agate helps with exercising our throat chakra and can help with any throat chakra blockages. Blue lace agate crystal assists with expression. It helps with expressing your thoughts and your feelings. It encourages you to use your voice. Blue lace agate helps with clarity so that you can express yourself with a clear head so that you may use your voice effectively. Too often we are afraid to speak up, we are afraid of being misjudged or called out. So we bottle it. We hold our tongue, we don't say anything to anyone. But that often ends up to be a powder keg and one day, we eventually explode! Saying things out of a place of anger and our whole point is lost. Blue lace agate can help you to channel your anger. It is a great crystal to have around if you feel angry or frustrated.

Blue Lace Agate provides the support and love so that we have the courage to express ourselves without fear of judgement or hate. It helps you to think before you speak so you do not act out of anger but instead peace. This helps you to get your point across more effectively and is more impactful. With blue lace agate, you will no longer feel the need to bottle things up or feel ashamed that you feel the way you feel. Your feelings are valid.

What are some signs of a throat chakra imbalance?

  • Fear of speaking up
  • Being a poor listener
  • Interrupting others when they are speaking/Talking over others
  • Difficulty expressing yourself
  • Being "too shy" 
  • Talking too much
  • Being unaware of others feelings
  • Being arrogant



Is your throat chakra imbalanced?

Now is the time to do the work. As a collective, our throat chakra is imbalanced. We have been sitting by and letting things happen without taking action, without speaking up. We are all given a voice. There are many ways in which we can exercise this voice. We can verbally speak up, say something. Or in this digital age, you can use your virtual voice with written word. If you feel like you have difficulty expressing yourself, as if you can't put the words or thoughts together, you may have a throat chakra imbalance.
Do not be afraid of doing the work. We are all given a unique voice and perspective. It is up to us to do the work, use our voice, tell our story, and exercise our throat chakras. Blue lace agate helps you to be a better listener. Listening is an important skill to have. Too often we speak over others, we interrupt when others are talking, and we do not listen to their points and opinions. It is important to actively listen and not be so obstinate to the opinions of others.

Use Blue Lace Agate Crystals for Stress

The energy this month is heavy. It is a lot for everyone. Yes, it is important to use your voice and speak up. It is also important to rest and take care of yourself. Blue lace agate helps with mental stress. It helps bring you peace of mind. The energy from blue lace agate crystal is cool, calming, and nurturing. Give yourself permission to take time for yourself each day through meditation, grounding practices, dancing, gardening, reflection, or any activity where you can simply pause. Take the pause. It could be for 5 minutes each day or an hour. Take the break from social media for an hour or a few hours. Replenish yourself. Take the time to refill your cup. We cannot give from an empty cup. Self-care during stressful periods is extremely important. So take the bath, delete social media for a few hours, meditate with your blue lace agate crystals, take the sacred pause.
It is important to take the pause and alleviate any stress we are holding in our bodies. Release the stress and tension you may be holding onto. Tension and stress appears in many different ways in the body. Unclench your jaw, do shoulder rolls to alleviate neck tension, do some stretches or yoga, practice shaking to release the tension in your hips and body. These are just a few recommendations, find what feels like the right fit for you.. Keep your blue lace agate near to help with stress and move you body. Movement is wonderful medicine.


Blue Lace Agate Affirmation:

I listen with an open heart & I think before I speak. I speak my truth with courage & integrity. I release all that does not serve me.