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Crystal Smudge Stick Bundle
Crystal Smudge Stick Bundle
Crystal Smudge Stick Bundle
Crystal Smudge Stick Bundle
Crystal Smudge Stick Bundle
Crystal Smudge Stick Bundle
Crystal Smudge Stick Bundle

Crystal Smudge Stick Bundle

Clari V Crystals
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Crystal Smudge Stick Bundle!

This lovely crystal cleansing kit comes with the following:
1 Sage Smudge Stick
1 Palo Santo Stick
1 Natural Raw Crystal


Each crystal smudge stick contains a raw crystal.
The sage crystal smudge sticks are 5" in length.
Both the palo santo and sage bundle are sustainably collected.

You are able to choose from the following:
Raw Clear Crystal Quartz, Raw Citrine Crystals, or Raw Black Tourmaline



Smudging is an ancient ceremony practiced that involves burning sacred plants and herbs for spiritual cleansing or blessing. It is also used in feng shui practices.
The smoke from the plants like sage, help to clear and bless the space.

Smudging can help combat stagnant energy to allow positive energy to enter.
This includes your emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual, and physical body. Also, your environment like your home, office, car, and other physical spaces.

Negative and stagnant energy can be very detrimental to your mental and physical health Negative and stagnant energy can bring things like lack of happiness, success, and even disease and pain into your life.
Smudging is a great way to combat this negative and stagnant energy. The smoke can clear the energy and help you press the restart button, starting anew.

The ultimate goal of smudging is to clear the space of lingering energy that is different from what you are intending for that space.

Sage and plants represent the earth element, the smoke represent the air.
As stated before, smudging is not just for spaces, but for our bodies too. It is for clearing stagnant and negative energy from our bodies, minds, and spirit. During smudging, take the time to set your intention.

How to Properly Smudge

Clear your space! Remove clutter and mess that is in the space. Open up the windows, blinds, and curtains. Allow the clean air to enter.
Light your smudge stick and then fan the smoke around your body and anyone else that is in the space with you. Using an item like a feather is very helpful to fan the smoke. Let the smoke grace each area of the room, leaving no corner or space untouched.