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Healing Crystal Collection Kit
Healing Crystal Collection Kit

Healing Crystal Collection Kit

Clari V Crystals
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What’s in the Crystal Healing Kit?
It Includes a Selenite charging square and 9 healing crystals!


The crystal healing kit has 9 crystals!
The healing crystal collection are a mix of raw crystals, polished stones, and crystal points.

Raw Crystals:
1. Pyrite Cluster
2. Amethyst Crystal
3. Orange Calcite Crystal
4, Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal

Polished Stones:
5. Amazonite stone (size of a quarter)
6. Tigers Eye Crystal Handstone
7. Rose Quartz Crystal Handstone

Crystal Points:
8. Clear Quartz Crystal
9. Tourmalinated Quartz Crystal

PLUS a Selenite Square! The selenite square is perfect for charging your crystals.
Or for displaying your crystals or crystal jewelry!