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Raw Selenite Keychain
Raw Selenite Keychain

Raw Selenite Keychain

Clari V Crystals
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Selenite Drilled Crystal Keychain done with finished Silver Keychain.

Did you know selenite crystal is one of the few healing crystals that can be used to cleanse and charge your other crystals?
Now you can carry your selenite crystals with you, with this fun white selenite drilled crystal keychain!
Your keys will thank you - when you add this fun selenite keychain to your key ring!
This selenite keychain makes a great selenite gift!


Each selenite keychain is about 2 inches long
Selenite crystal size may vary since they are raw selenite crystals

Crystal Properties

Selenite crystal meaning is is an energy purifier. White selenite stone helps you see the big picture. Selenite crystals clear away negative thoughts and ideas, and protects from bad thoughts and energy from others.
Raw Selenite crystal brings clarity and clears away judgmental thinking. It is great for mediation.

Do not get raw selenite or white selenite wet or keep near water.
This mineral is very soft and will dissolve.
Be careful if it is around children, Raw selenite crystals are fibrous.