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Show Me the Honey Crystal Candle
Show Me the Honey Crystal Candle
Show Me the Honey Crystal Candle
Show Me the Honey Crystal Candle

Show Me the Honey Crystal Candle

Clari V Crystals
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Embrace the luxury of warm, spiced honey.

Show Me the Honey is warm and comforting. The captivating blend of spiced honey and spices feels cozy and rich.
It features a beautiful natural citrine healing crystal in the soy wax.
The scent smells amazing year round.
Your home will feel cozy and welcoming when you have the Show Me the Honey crystal candle lit.

The Show Me the Honey Crystal Infused Candle...

  Longer Burn Times, over 30 Hours! 
  Made with 100% Soy Wax & Phthalate Free Fragrances 
  Features a Citrine Crystal in the Soy Candle Wax
  Includes Mica in the Soy Wax for a little extra Sparkle



 High-grade non toxic soy wax, phthalate free essential oils, mica, cotton wick, citrine crystal, & dried chamomile.
 Made with 100% vegan products and natural ingredients. Always free of artificial colors, preservatives, fillers and fragrances.
 Hand poured into a 9 ounce clear glass jar with protective lid.


 Use this crystal candle when you are feeling luxurious and feel like surrounding yourself with the finest things. The healing crystal candle's natural fragrances acts as a personalized aromatherapy session to help you feel rich, abundant, & help make way for more good things.
 Use this crystal candle for daily meditation to help set your intentions and affirmations. Or during your journaling practices.
 Use this crystal candle as a wonderful gift for your friends, family, co-workers, or self.




Warm honey, spices, tonka bean, and earthy tobacco leaves


 Featured is a polished citrine crystal.
 This is a natural crystal.
It is recommended to remove your citrine crystal the first time you light your crystal candle.
 Citrine is warming & energizing. It is a stone of manifestation & abundance Citrine attracts prosperity, wealth, happiness, joy, success, basically all the good things!